Burnbank peiple 1940.JPG

This picture was published in a Hamilton paper in 1972 and it was telling the story of people from Burnbank. The picture was sent to the paper by a M. Justin.

Mr T Duffy from 108 High Blantyre Road, Burnbank identified the local people in 1972, he wrote:

The picture shown was taken in May 1940 and it was in the back garden at 113 High Blantyre Road, then the home of the late Mr & Mrs Alf McEwan. Mr Duffy & his wife were married three weeks after the picture was taken and on the day that it was announced that France had capitulated to the Germans on June 17, 1940.

It shows, from left to right, in the back row: Miss Mary Cumming (Later Mrs. Blezard, Now Deceased 1972), Miss Mary Graham of Almada Street, now Mrs. McLachlan, resident in Australia. Mr T Duffy (Now a retired insurance man 1972) and Mrs Duffy (Then Miss Ina McEwan)

The two girls at the front of the picture were L-R, Miss Margaret McEwan (Now Mrs Higgins) who resided at 113 High Blantyre Road and Miss Theresa McEwan (Now Mrs Cormack) who resides at Blackpool.

Do you have any pictures from the 1940s that you would like to share? Send them to us and we will share with all at Historic Hamilton.

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