Ha.Ha.Said The Clown,,

Ha.Ha.Said The Clown,,
By Hugh Hainey.

Maw, maw, kin ye press them claiths a put oot, jist whin ye git the chance,
Me and my pal ur jist gawn intae ma room tae practice oor new wee dance,
Is ma hair awerite, hiv ye gote a brush? Dae ye think these ur no awfy tight,
Thirs a brush ower there, calm doon thirs nae rush,, naw they look jist right,,
Ok, right leg oot, n ‘ swing it tae the left, noo ye twist it, then ye bring it back,,
Noo a hope ye git it right this time, cause see last week ye wur far too slack,,
Ok, right i’ll play that record fae that “Manfred Man” Ha Ha Said The Clown”
Naw , naw ! no like that, up n’ back, “awe” look yiv pulled ma curtains down,,
Right thats us awe ready tae go tae the “Troc” n’ wir gonnae hiv loads of fun,,
Awe look the baith of ye look smashin, good night, be good, enjoy yisels son,,
“Whit” did ye think thit it wis two “lassies,” talkin’ jist because of the bit crack,,
Naw that wis a true wee story aboot me’ teachin’ ma pal tae dance “Willie Mac”
Well dae think awe you wimmin wur the only wans thit dressed up fur the night,,
Ye see us guys hid tae be jist as fussy” it wis important fur us tae look jist right,,
Even awe them years ago a jist knew thit Willie, a great future he hid “cummin”
A didnae know aboot him being able tae sing,, bit his feet wur always “Hummin”
A went oan that ‘Faceache’ last year, well a recognised him straight aff the bat,,
The only difference noo is thit he’s a Country singer n’wears a big Cowboy Hat,
He wis anither wee Hamilton guy, n’ great” jist like awe the ithers thit ave knew
A still like pop music, n’ country, maybe he’ll sing aboot “A BOY NAMED HUGH”
(YEE HA,!)

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