See you,, See me,,,


See you,, See me,,,
Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

See you, Historic Hamilton” am telt “yir great” so kin a no join yir group,,,
See me,, a went oan anither site n’ a dropped masel’ right intae the soup,

See awe a did wis tae tell we true storys, n’ a tried tae make people laff’,,
See me, a wis telt thit a wis writin’ too much so a decided, jist come aff,,,
It wis probably awe ma fault, n’ a spat the dummy n’ toys oot the pram,,,
Ur maybe it wis cause a love tae laugh too much bit that’s jist who a am,

Awe these wee funny stories aboot Hamilton, wur runnin roon ma head,,
Only intending tae bring happy insights aboot where a wis born n’ bred,
Ma goal is tae make ma wee memories mingle in wae awe of youres,
A don’t know aboot you, bit a could talk aboot “Hamilton” fur oors,,

No much got by me whin a wis younger, n’ walkin’ roon this auld toon,
Always sayin’ c’mon n’ hiv a laugh on me, bit don’t try tae caw me doon,
See you, every single post oan here, goes tae show, yir the “best”thir is,,
See , a might no be brainy” bit whin it comes tae the toon a know the bis”

See me, naebody his tae tell me thit the people ur awfy nice n’ pleasent,,
See me, if ye lit me I’ll tell ye aboot “Auld Hamiltons” past no’ present,,
( from, Hugh Hainey, B.I.B. eating humble pie,, )

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