The little Hamlet of Townhead was a couple of houses on the lands of “Meikle Earnock” Well known by the name. They belong to J. Urquhart & D. Clarke Esquires.

They would have been two little farm steadings possibly lived in by tenant farmers or Cotton weavers. Little documentation is written about the little cottages, and it is hard to find any information on the people who lived here. I have come across a document from 1858 stating that Thomas Jackson, Factor J. Urquhart Esqr, Fairhill &  William Nimmo, Meikle Earnock are associated with the cottages.

The cottages at Townhead were situated on the land between Brackenhill Drive & Scotia Gardens. Scott Robertson, who is the great-nephew of one of the tenants of Townhead farm sent us some pictures of his Great Uncle Sanny Robertson who lived at the farm, and also a picture fo the farm itself. townhead-farm-1








Have any of the residents from Brackenhill Drive or Scotia Gardens noticed any old ruins on the land between your streets? If you have seen any evidence of this, then this is where the old cottages once stood.


2 thoughts on “THE HAMLET OF TOWNHEAD.”

  1. Hi. I lived in Brackenhill Drive from 1982 to 1991 before moving to Scotia Gardens, where my parents continued to live until a few years ago. As a boy we used to play in the ruins of the old sand stone farmhouse. In the mid 80’s it was very easy to see where the farm building had been and the concrete of the yard was clearly recognisable. Before Scotia Gardens was built there was a large caravan community, possibly Irish travellers. Can any one remember that,?

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  2. The caravan park was that the one behind Maggies milking parlour but it was not Irish travellers anyone could rent them out and the cottage that was the one behind the goals at the football pitch there was also some sheds there

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