Christmas Time.

Christmas time…………………84

Xmas tree green an bright stawnin oan the flair
awe things hingin fae the limbs sparklln the room
red an white black and awe angels swingin oan
covered linen oan the table pure as driven snaw.

Boxes oan the bottom wrapped in merry paper
wae corners wore awa an some nearly open
the heavy wans an bright big things lay quietly
daring any hawns thit wid want tae touch thim.

An oan the windi sill oot ben the back lies waitin
ashets clean an ready tae be yazed wans mair
a dumpling lies wae thrupenny bits steamin there
enough tae feed an army maybe even the weans.

The screw taps oan the table furr the uncles tae drink
wae cartons oaf smokes thit awe kin go an hiv a draw
an talk wae a mention oaf things good an bad an laugh
oaf where the coal fae that welcome fire really came fae.

Aye xmas time in oor wee hoose awe wiz stull an quiet
wae reflections oan whit might hiv been it anither time
if the dice had landed right wiey up doon it the pitch an toss
an we wurr awe the gither tae talk oor memories awe day.

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Joh Stokes.

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