Memories of ma maw….

Memories of ma maw””
It’s not funny n’ no much joy, if youv’e got sisters, n’ you’re the only boy,,
Wan day they ganged up, they thought they’ed play a wee joke,,
The day they awe decided a wid look realy good, in oor mary’s auld frocke”
Oh ye’le make a loveley wee lassie wis emma’s cries, puttin mascara on ma eyes
They fluffed awe ma hair, n’ stuff, a shouted that’s enough, isobel dabed on a powder puff,,
Oh look at him he looks realy cannae” mary said a know whit let’s caw him fanny”;
Ma da came in ,he near went through the roof, a think he thought a wis a poof’
By this time a wis in a tizzy, ma aunty said he’s no wanny them hienz beans izzy?
Me mam seen a wis in a state, mams know cause mams are realy great,,
Come on she say’s, look at his face yiv gone too far, here son try this trainin Bra””
Very F’n funny Ha, Ha, Fn, Ha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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