Hamilton boy in Court

The Keepers House in Hamilton.


Hamilton Boy in Court. Hamilton, Saturday 10th September 1922.

A remarkable case was heard in Hamilton J.P. Court to-day—ex-Provost Pollock on the Bench —when a diminutive boy of tender years named James McMillan, residing at Grammar School Square, Hamilton, was charged with hounding a dog on the little daughter -of the caretaker of the Mausoleum.

It was represented on behalf of the accused that he had gone to the Palace grounds along with some companions. They were accompanied on that occasion by a dog which was a bid disposition.

Accused did not think that the animal would do the little girl any harm, and he was not alone in urging it to make an attack. It was more a juvenile prank than anything else, but the unfortunate circumstance was that the girl was badly bitten on the right arm. It was a good thing, added the Fiscal, that the animal had been destroyed. In the circumstances the Justices decided to admonish the accused.

One thought on “Hamilton boy in Court”

  1. Can anyone tell me what the little girls name was? Also how old she was when this happened? I know her surname was Kerr.


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