Youth in it’s time was ever ment to be spent,
the time and the effort that searching has rent.
Finding each dream and sensations unknown,
in your dotage will be regretted as blown.
Hamilton in the 60S sensations were always around,
the Troc and the bands with no alcohol to down.
Or Equis for chippies and ice cream dreams,
to the Tassie for beer with the thickist o’ cream.
Bailies Causeway for two up win your night out,
or down palace grounds if your in with a shout.
The Hibs club, the Welfares, Blantyre or Fairhill
The Mill Inn or Whisky Well if you’ve had your fill.
Then Pubs with the sing song up the back stairs,
if you think your Caruso just take to the flair.
No Kareoke to cover to cover all your sins,
your voice cannae hack it you know you’ll get binned.
Dances all over the town sometimes even a ball,
country and western or jazz down the town hall.
Cosy corner dancing in the open air,
Chantinghall hotel posing in their chairs.
Youth in it’s time should not be curtailed,
if they lose all that energy we have failed.
Hamilton in the past or Hamilton now,
I’d rather dance here as be staying up the ‘Gow.
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Kit Duddy

4 thoughts on “WASTED YOUTH.”

  1. Thank you, love the comments, good or bad
    to hear if it made you happy or sad.
    Of all the things that a poet prays
    is the hope for someone’s comments today.

    Bless and keep you all in good health
    as a “poet” your comment has blessed me
    with wealth.

    Kit Duddy


  2. The 50’s and 60’s those were the days, you could walk the streets at any time, day or night and be safe, I used to come home from late nigh dances and was never afraid.


    1. True in many ways, however as young people we did not listen to the concerns of our parents and were generally unaware of anything happening in other districts than our own. Modern communication is so instant and the media centres on reporting the “bad and horrific” with as many lurid details as possible. In many cases truth bears liitle credence in reporting.
      We had levels of “child assault” and others, but in the main were dealt with by the community and more often police were called to deal with the aftermath.


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