The Council Penny Pinchers

The Council Penny Pinchers ?

I’ll always remember Almada St, jist ootside the County Buildin””
That’s where we got oor wee treats, years ago as young childrin”
For some reason they put in a water feature ‘andit looked so swell”
But whit they didnae bank on, was people used it as a .wishin”well”

Ye see the temptation fur awe us wains wis realy far to strong,
Off came the shoes n’ socks, paddlin”fur pennies before long,
The auld guy at the front wid shout, dae ye think yir’bein funny”
Naw”wir awe gawn tae the baths n’we hivnae got any money !!

They tried a security guy, but cost the cooncil a pretty penny”
It wis cause the kids wir’ gittin it, ye see they weren’t gittin any”
Some wid go tae confession, them wans thit went tae chapples”
See ye the morra,Davey, on the line fur Stepeks pairs n’apples””

(Hands up , if ye never dunnit” )

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Haney.

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