Ah Wiz Back……….

Ah wiz back and past your hoose
mair corrs were parked than tumchies
in an Auchentibber field
Nae wains on boggies runnin loose

Ah noaked yir door and yir Maw came oot
She wiz jist the same and welcomed me
and talked with pride how you had done
your merrit noo wae wife and son
tae a lassie that you met in east kilbride
Yir pals urr awe the same she said
and some are deed and some alive
still drinkin at the same old pub
stuck in time in the graveyard shift
och it is a sorry state tae tell
they are not as weel as they might think
and old as men who think too much
bad drink has caused them much neglect

whits left is waste dereft of thought
ah left her there jist by the sink her time wiz runnin oot
my tears wir hid behind a smile as we said oor last goodbye
ah dribbled mah baw tae the toon

The street wiz wide and clear just like it always wiz in 1954
the wains are safer now i thought a place to play but i forget
about those who grew to auld and forget are now the sayers of
their truth without respect

ah looked in a bar and laughed what a sight
the patrons all in garrish wear wi track pants oan and trainers tae
competin fur whit ah say…the next drink
some wans mither telt me the toon wiz awfy quiet
she laughed at this and said nae heed
furr thae same folk urr living proof
that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat
the cooncil men it must be said are nae bodies fools
so they wear suits and ties but that’s because of self respect
they plan for the wains to live in peace from corrs something wee awe should not forget.

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by John Stokes who lives in Wellington, New Zeland.

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