A wish a wis in a toon, in Strathclyde” auld Hamilton” its the name,,
A wish a wis walkin aboot the auld toon, although it’s not the same,,
A wish a could be in Harrisons”, and bein fitted fur a brand new suit,,,
A wish a could wear it the morra’ fur am gawn tae a works night oot,,
A wish a wis in Friola’s” fur thir’ fish n’ chips, ur thir great ice cream,,,
A wish a wis back in the auld Baths ” aye noo that wid be ma dream,,
A wish a wis stawnin, in Skeltons ” bar n’ drinkin a wee pint of light,,
A wish a wis back wae awe ma mates, jist muckin aboot awe night,,
A wish a wis back in the Troc” ye’ll find me singin” along and dancin,,
A wish a could git a wee lumber, cause a miss awe that romancin”,,
A wish a could see the wee faces , of awe the great people passin by”,,
A wish a could hear thir’ magic voices, wae thir’ patter that wis wry”
A wish a wis in Hill St, cuttin through wee Hosies” tae git tae the Bing”
A wish a wis sittin Doc’s,bar n’ hear the great “Johnny No Cash” sing”,,
A wish a could go intae Bairds” shop n’ go up n’ doon in their big lift,,
A wish a could go back tae Woolworhs ” tae buy ma wee maw a gift,,
A wish a wis still young and fitter and be once more dead “gallous””
A wish a wis still workin “the Waltzer” n’ the fair’ came tae the Palace, ,
A wish a wis stawnin ootside “Burtons windae” day’in a Harry Worth”,,
A wish a wis back in auld Burnbank ” that great wee place of ma birth””
A wish a could bit a cannie! Because ye see thir’ isnae anything left”
A wish the Cooncil”a curse! Because thiv left this great place Bereft”
(Huba Huba)

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

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