Who’s that? Ask a woman fae Hamilton!

Who’s that? Ask a woman fae Hamilton!

Who’s that? Awe hur’ she merrit that chancer” wi the baldy hair,
Oh aye! Is mither’ lives in Sempie St, wee aggie” lives up the stair,,
A cannie think? Aye ye kin’ She walks wae lisp, n’ talks wae a limp,,
Who his mither? Naw! that hussy he’s muckin aboot wae, the pimp”

Well who’s she? Och, kin ye no remember that wee guy wae the lugs”
Naw! Ye must remember him,, he looks like wannie them toby jugs”
Och aye” well thats hur faither” they rekin he’s bin a da” tae dozens”
Realy” Aye! Awe fur gods sake its “Fanny,” she’s wannie yir cousins””

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