Duchess Anne Hamilton 1631-1716.

Duchess Anne Hamilton was the 3rd Duchess of Hamilton, She lived from 6 January 1631 to 17 October 1716. and she is remembered as “Good Duchess Anne” She was a noblewoman who rebuilt Hamilton Palace and did a great deal to assist in the development of the town by building a school, almshouses, a woollen factory and a spinning school.

Duchess Anne’s Hospital was an old house that stood at the corner of Castle Street and New Wynd, today the site of the Almshouse is occupied by a house across from where the entrance to the Asda car park is. The hospital or Almshouse as it was known was occupied by a number of poor families,  it was built around the middle of the 17th century as a hospital and had been occupied up until the beginning of the 18th century where it became disused as a hospital and ever since it had been occupied as a dwelling house.


Duchess Anne Painting1
Duchess Anne’s Hospital for the poor.

In the year 1858 there were still 6 or 7 individuals who were receiving 8s per annum from the house of Hamilton in view of a house rent. The slum building was later demolished.

1851 Map of Duchess Annes's

Almshouse former site.(3)
The former site of the Almshouse.


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