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Hamilton’s no’ the same as it was
There’s nae weans playin’ at rounders or ba’s
Neilsland bings missing and Cadzow’s noo gaun,
For rows o’ fine hooses wi’ monoblock lawns.

Low Waters School, where is it noo?
I passed it just yesterday it canna be true!
Nae infant voices chantin’ a table,
Nae Mr Thomson for the weans he was able.

St. Anne’s is still there, my heart it is singing,
A familiar old building, children’s voices still ringing.
Blair’s shop has gone, a sign of the times,
Where’s Cadzow Bridge, the train and the lines?

Cadzow Rows has vanished and Eddlewood too,
Where’s Maggie’s Dairy? It’s just a road noo.
Guy Kerr’s is still staunin’ how long will it last?
And then like the rest, it’ll be a thing o’ the past.

Hamilton’s no’ Hamilton, my heart it is sad,
They’ve bulldozed our heritage, the good and the bad,
Time marches on I know this is true,
Just leave something please, for the future to view.

200 Goodbye St. Anne’s
St. Anne’s alas has joined the rest, now she’s gone
forever, Of all the children who passed through her
door, Will they forget her?…….NEVER!

The above poem was written by Wilma Bolton in 2003 and was donated to Historic Hamilton to share with our readers. I’m sure that most of you can relate to these words.

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