Hamilton Tram Line to be lifted.

The tramway was authorised by the Hamilton, Motherwell and Wishaw Tramways Act of 1900. Services started on 22 July 1903, the company taking the shorter name, Lanarkshire Tramways.

An extension was opened on 20 January 1907 which provided a connection with Glasgow Corporation Tramways.

The tramway ceased operation on 14 February 1931, the company having changed its name the previous year to the Lanarkshire Traction Company.

One tram survived into preservation, No 53, and is currently at the Summerlee, Museum of Scottish Industrial Life.


It was reported in the Motherwell Times on Friday the 22nd January 1932: On the recommendation of the towns streets committee, Hamilton town council have accepted the offer of Mr Hugh B. Kerr, Contractor, Hamilton, for the removal of the old tram way rails and reconstruction the road between Covan Burn Bridge and Hamilton Old Cross.

Tram Lines.

The sum involved is £8131 10s 1d, (£494,009.89p in today’s money) The work will be done by unemployed men. Mr Robert Black, High Blantyre road in Hamilton, has been appointed inspector of works under the direction of Mr W.H. Purdie, burgh surveyor.


Places like Edinburgh are now bringing Trams back in to use. I wonder if one day we will see Trams brought back to Hamilton, I for one would like to see the Trams leading from the town centre out to all the surrounding areas of Hamilton.



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