Christmas in Hamilton 1918.

Taken from the Hamilton Advertiser on Saturday the 28th December 1918.
Wednesday was an ideal day. A mild frost gave the atmosphere an invigorating effort without being too cold. It was even more invigorating to feel that one could enter into the enjoyment of the happy season on this occasion without the burden of war lying like a pall over ones hart.
It was like a release from a distressful bondage, and it was observant in the faces and activities of the people. Shopping was more lively, and the shoppers were more numerous that at any Christmas since the war broke out, and quite naturally so.
Though the bells of peace have not yet rung out their happy pearl, their tongues have joined in a rapturous burst of song over an armistice, the accepted terms of which dramatically declare the defeat of the foe.
All the Christmas services in the churches last Sabbath were in thankful celebration of the birth of the prince of peace, and that beautiful attribute of the saviour before a message, the truth and the joy of which every heart could understand as never before.
On Christmas day special Christmas services were conducted in Auchingramont established church, Cadzow parish and St. Mary’s RC Church.
The day was observed as a partial holiday, public buildings were closed, and most shops businesses at the post office was heavy, particularly in the parcel departments.
The exchange of Christmas presents between friends at home was more evident this year than on any December during the last four years.

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