This is a heart felt postcard sent from a mother to her son during the first world war. The lady in the photo is Mary (Murphy) Higgins and this is a poignant post card to her son Terrence Higgins who was away fighting at the front line.

Mary (Murphy) Higgins
Mary (Murphy) Higgins

Mary wrote to her son, not knowing if he was still alive or dead and she wrote:

“My Dear Son Terrence Higgins. Only a post card off your mother in Hamilton to let you know we are all well. Hoping you are the same and hope to God, seeing by the papers, the Gordon’s have led the way in this big charge. I only hope to God, my son, you are one of the lively lads and God has spared you to pull your hard Battle through . My son Terrence may God guide and protect you and send you a safe return to you mother. Good night son and good luck and god bless you and I will have for you. Every night and day so cheer up son and have a good heart and will write soon again. Hoping to hear from you soon. Kiss From Mother.”

Postcard from Mary Higgins to her son Terrence.
Postcard from Mary Higgins to her son Terrence.

Terrence was one of the lucky ones who did return home safe to his mother, he did however, lose an eye when on the front line.

Terrence eventually did what every other man did after the war, he got on with life and went back to work down in the coal mines.
Later in life, Terrence lived in Fairhill where he lived into his late eighties or early nineties. He was a great character, an old tough miner with a great spirit.

Historic Hamilton would like to thank Tom Odgen Keenan for sending us this fantastic snapshot in time of his Great Grandmother Mary Murphy Higgins.


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