The Regent way shopping centre

David Rams sent us this fantastic picture of the outdoor Regent Way Shopping Centre from c1981.

In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990’s you can see why people travelled from all over Lanarkshire to visit Hamilton to do their shopping! Hamilton in my eyes had the best choice of shops to choose from where you could buy anything from sweets & cakes to all the latest fashionable clothes.

In the Regent, before going to get your messages you would go in to Radio Rentals to pay your rent on your TV & video and then you would head across the precinct to the large Woolworths to buy anything from Pick & Mix to birthday presents. You would then possibly go over to Auld’s the bakers to get a cup of tea & a sausage roll and then, as you walked down the hill you would browse through the great choice of shops before heading into the local supermarket Safeway.

What was your memories of the Regent Shopping Centre? Did you work in any of the shops here, and if you did, why not send us your pictures & stories.

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