It was reported in the Motherwell times on Friday the 6th February 1945 that George Kilmartin a spirit merchant, 7 Whitehill Road, Burnbank, Hamilton admitted(1) having in his premises in Townhead Street, Hamilton, between August 17 and September 13 January 1945 prepared methylated spirits for use as a beverage by mixing the same with Irish whiskey, and (2) on September 13 having in his possession 23 gallons and 21 and a quarter gills capable of being used wholly or partly as a beverage in the preparation of which methylated spirits, or a derivative thereof, had been used. It was explained on behalf of the accused that he believed he was dealing in genuine whisky. It would be noticed that there was no charge whatever of selling to the public. A fine of £75 was imposed, with the alternative of three months imprisonment, and forfeiture was ordered.

In April 1926 Mr Kilmartin was Public House Manager at Woodside House in Hamilton and he applied to open his own Public House at 75 Windmill Street in Motherwell, where he was refused and later refused again at an appeal.

It seems that Mr George Kilmartin had a run of bad luck as 14 years earlier it was also reported in the Motherwell times that George Kilmartin’s house was struck by lightning!

It was reported on Friday the 21st of August 1931 that the sharp thunderstorm on Sunday night was responsible for a considerable amount of damage here. Three shops were flooded in Burnbank and it was with difficulty that the goods were salvaged. The loss was fairly substantial.

The large villa occupied by Mr George Kilmartin in Woodside Avenue, Hamilton was struck by lightning with the result the chimney and slates and also part of the masonry was displaced.

The lightning passed through the interior of the house and burned a gas bracket, from which gas escaped in large quantities. Police officers who were early on the scene extinguished the fire which had been created.

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