It was reported in the Aberdeen Journal on Thursday the 21st of September 1933 that pedestrians passing a railway bridge, near Hamilton, around eleven o’clock at night heard moans coming from thirty feet below.

On investigating they discovered a man who was obviously in a very serious condition. They carried him to a nearby hall and then communicated with the police and a doctor. The man who was found to be David Crookston (43) a miner from Eddlewood Rows, Cadzow in Hamilton.

He was later moved to the Glasgow royal infirmary suffering from severe bodily injures. While cause of the accident is unknown, it is believed that crookston mistook his road in the darkness and fell over the bridge.

After reading this article I wanted to do some research on David to see if he managed to survive the fall. It turned out that he did survive and after he recovered he was sent back home.

The story ends not a happy one, as four years later David was found dead at his home at 63 Eddlewood Rows. He was found at his house at 12:00 midnight on the 6th August 1937. On his death certificate it stated that “The body had appearances consistent with gas poisoning” David was the son of Robert Crookston & Janet Scott, he left his wife S Crookston (Maiden name Kelly) and at least one son. His son Robert of 17 Annsfield Road in Eddlewood was the informant of his death.


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