Gavin Buchanan was born to parents William & Catherine, (Catherine’s maiden name Cowan) Gavin’s dad William was a master draper who was born in Airdrie. The family started their lives living in Victorian Glasgow, and in the year 1851 they lived at 91 North Hanover Street. William Buchanan was doing well for himself Woking as a draper and had servants living with him right up through his retirement.

In 1871 business was going great as Gavin’s dad was now employing two people, the family continued to work in Glasgow up until 1881 where they later move to Hamilton. The family moved to 9 Union Street where they rented a house from Robert Summers and Gavin Buchanan has got a job working as a clerk at the Gasworks.

When they move to 9 Union Street William employed a servant girl called Mary Kelly, who was born to parents Edward & Margaret (Margaret’s maiden name is Surgeon) Gavin Buchanan falls in love with the servant Girl and 4 years later, on the 24th of September 1884 they get married at Cambuslang. They later have 3 children.

After Gavin gets married, he sets out in a new venture and in 1885 he opens a shop in 12 Brandon Street he is now working as a Stationer. The family move to their own house at 111 Quarry Street and in this time sadly Mary’s mum dies. Mary’s dad Edward moves in with the Family and he is working as a Night Watchman. Their first daughter Catherine is born in 1886, Edward is born in 1888 and Albert is born in 1892.

Gavin & his family stay at Quarry Street up until 1905 where they move to Claire Innes 54 South Park Road, a lovely sandstone house, They may have also owned the house next door at number 52 ( Ellan Innes) Mary’s dad is still living with them in 1911.


Gavin & Mary live at 54 South Park Road right up until the end of their lives, Gavin died of influenza at his house at the age of 80 in the year 1933 and Mary died in 1947, 14 years later at the same house.

The picture above is Gavin Buchanan’s shop on Brandon Street. The man in the picture may very well be Gavin himself.