Families in Arden Road (Continued)

Bob Baird with his sister Cath and their parents sitting out the back of their house at Arden Road in 1955.

Families in Arden Road.

Bob Baird sent us a picture of his parents in the garden of their Arden Road home. Bob told us:

“My mother and father both lived in Arden Road in late 40’s and early 50’s. Dad, John Baird, at number 20, and Mum, Margaret (Peggy) Miller at number 39.

Sadly, they both passed away this past decade, and there are no family members left who actually lived in Arden Road. I remember it well, with weekly visits to Gran’s and Grandad’s. Both families were in the upstairs of “4 in a block” houses. Below Gran Miller (No37?) were the Glen family, and below the Baird’s were the McCluskeys (22), and “through the wall” at no26 was (Baldy) Craig.

This picture was taken in the back garden in 1955, my Mum and Dad, me as a 3 year old and my sister Cath not long after she was born in the June. The door in the picture is the back door of the McCluskey house.

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