The Ranche holiday club 23rd July 1927.

The Ranch holiday club. WM. Picture courtesy of Cat Ann Burns.

One thing that I often find hard is for people to look out their old photographs to share on Historic Hamilton. There must be thousands of pictures all across the world tucked away in albums, drawers up the loft etc.

Cat Ann Burns has sent us this real snap shot in time and in the picture are Hamilton men who were the local clientele in 1927.

The lads must have been saving for this holiday for a long time as they took time to make a plaque and pose for this picture. They are all extremely well dressed in their suits and dressed to impress.

Do you have any old pictures that you can share with us? if you can, then please send your picture to the page or by email at:

2 thoughts on “The Ranche holiday club 23rd July 1927.”

  1. The last owner of The Ranch was my Great Aunt Bessie from whom it was compulsory purchased by the Council.
    I retain the relevant paper work regarding this matter and indeed the correspondence between the various parties regards service to Ladies in the bar.
    She was greatly loved and very kind to me and my father over many years.
    I also recall the manager Alec Allison a splendid gentlemen who also was great company.

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    1. Hi Kenneth, thanks for getting in touch. That’s great to hear that you still have these documents in your possession. That’s a Little piece of Hamilton’s history that you have.

      Would you be in a position to share copies of what you have, or any pictures from the Ranche?

      I would be happy to meet you to take pictures and make copies so that I can digitise them and host them on my website. It would be good for future generations to see this history.

      Please feel free to email me at



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