Where in the World are you reading Historic Hamilton?

Word Press data.

I always like to have a look at our stats on our WordPress site and I find it really interesting where in the world people are reading our stories on Historic Hamilton.

Yesterday we had 40 Views in the UK, 2 in the USA, 2 in Ireland, 1 in India, 1 in Norway and 1 in Canada.

If you are not reading from somewhere in Hamilton, then please tell us where in the world you are right now.


4 thoughts on “Where in the World are you reading Historic Hamilton?”

  1. Reading this from Malua Bay NSW. I’ve visited Hamilton from time to time often staying in Burnbank. Driving from Burnbank to Hamilton required me to negotiate the Peacock Cross. I was always mystified as to where the cross was. Nevertheless I still managed to get confused trying to navigate around it lol


  2. Hamilton born and bred now living in Hadlow, Kent been here for 31 years but still a Hamilton girl!


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