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I am always looking to add pictures of people from Hamilton to this folder and I thought it was about time that I added a picture of myself & my wife Emma.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Garry McCallum and I am originally from Burbank, I run Historic Hamilton and am responsible for all the stories that you hopefully enjoy reading.

As Historic Hamilton is nearly two years old I thought it would be good to put a face to the name that you see and read about.

If you would like to add someone to the “Hamilton Folk” album, then please feel free to send us your pictures and we will share with everyone in the group.


4 thoughts on “HAMILTON FOLK.”

  1. hi Garry, i’m also a McCallum from Hamilton, born in Beckford lodge in 41… my Burnbank address at that time was 321 Glasgow Road, Burnbank… but i dont know much about the McCallums, my father was Hugh McCallum whose mum was mangeress of the coop bakery across from the old railway station… now my father was born illigitimate, and was brought up with his grandfather as his dad an his mum as his sister,,, his ‘Dad’ was McCallum the coalman from,erm, Donaldson Street… but i never met any of them.. are you from the coalmans side of the family… … thanx pal, Doug….. oops in Doncaster

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    1. Hi Doug, thanks for sharing that. My McCallum’s are from Argyleshire and my grandfather was the first to settle in Hamilton, so no connection is m afraid. I would be however interested in seeing any pictures that you might have of Burnbank and your family. If you do have any could you send then to our Facebook page/ Historic Hamilton.


    2. Hi Doug, my McCallums were all from Dumbartonshire and Stirlingshire, so sorry no family connection there. I would like to hear more about your McCallum’s. I can remember the coal man fro Donaldson street from my younger years, I also lived there as a baby with my mum. Do you have any pictures of the coal yard? If you can send me as much info I would like to look in to your family history. I can be reached direct on historichamilton@icloud.com. Garry,


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