5 thoughts on “Park Lane”

  1. Hi iain what a rekindled memory that was not only was i at that disco ( I was one of park lane doormen ) From Ruth Mcclean the manager to head of all bar staff Barbara kelly from blantyre. Head doorman at the time was Stevie Begley from east kilbride. The rest of doorman team were. Ricky hart ( blondie) Andrew Cunningham ( socky ) Big gary kane. Alec lynch. Ronnie mckean. The fantastic memories i have of that place was fantastic.

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  2. I was head Doorman at Park Lane . Manager was Toni Villani other doormen Jack Yates, Chick Steele, Billy Cambell and Eddie Burns had som great nights there club was owned by bookmaker Jimm Tait

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  3. I remember your name although age difference and era wise Roy…Jack Yates and family I know well from burnbank Jack n Steven Yates…Jack is a gentleman remember him fair from blantyre well he was our entertainment manager at the time and James Mortimer was running the show for the owner of park lane ?? George Henry based in Englanĸ but still under the linette leisure group consortium…Jack Yates still in burnbank to this day know all his mates 2 from The old clans man bar ( clany) . Hamilton even in my Era working in park lane was magic great atmosphere townhead street was buzzing and a very happy place….cheers Roy ….Andrew Cunningham ( socky ) Burnbank

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    1. Hi sock, thanks for getting in touch. This is Garry, I used to live in the same street as you when we lived in Livingston Street. Hope you and the family are doing ok. Your boy Mark was at my house last weekend when we had a Chinese delivered. Garry,


    2. Hi, Andrew, Thanks for message great suprise to get answer after all those ages,Glad to hear Jack Yates is fine. Great Times at Park Lane lots of nice people hardly any trouble,, I heard a year or so ago Jim Tait had passed away he was good to me when i first came to Hamilton with no work. I also had some good mates….Billy Cambell,,,Chick Steele Tony Villani was our Manager at the time dont know what happend to them.hope you are Ok. Regards Roy

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