Silvertonhill is a sought after residential area of Hamilton, Scotland based around Silvertonhill Avenue. Situated approximately 5 minutes south of the town centre, Silvertonhill contains a mix of both detached and semi-detached, privately owned housing. Silvertonhill contains two well-regarded primary schools – Woodside Primary School and Chatelherault Primary School

Much of the Silvertonhill estate was built by breaking through the boundary wall of the “High Parks”: the Duke of Hamilton’s hunting estate. The old Duke had wisely insisted that this original estate have a high ratio of green space to housing, resulting in the huge green park space between Chatelherault Crescent and Silvertonhill Avenue; a factor that contributes to the enduring appeal of the area. This green land notably contains some of the Old Oaks for which the High Parks are famous. The woodland of the High Parks to the east of the area is the Duke’s private land but is an extended playground for local children, along with the nearby banks and cliff faces of the Covan.

When originally built the estate was also famous for having only three patterns of key amongst the hundreds of front doors. If locked out, one simply borrowed one’s neighbour’s key. There were no mortice locks fitted as standard and children returning home were able to put their arms through the side mounted letter boxes and release the latches.

Originally, Bannatyne & Jackson’s rose nursery occupied a wide strip of land some five hundred metres long on the north side of the wall, outside the High Parks. This ran from Hutchison Street in the south almost to the Covan Burn in the north east and the land was sold off in three stages from 1962-1977. The newest housing in Silvertonhill dates from this last stage.

1895 Map of Silvertonhill with a Satellite overlay Showing a farm house at Larch Grove.
1895 Map of Silvertonhill with a Satellite overlay Showing a farm house at Larch Grove.

Old maps of the area show only one house on the old road. It is the detached house immediately to the south of Johnstone Road. There is also a farm house or Building situated where the now Larch Grove has been built.

The local nickname for this area is “Spam Valley”, as a joke they say the people spend so much money on their houses that the only food they can afford to buy is Spam.

One of the streets that was built is called Laburnum Lea! In the picture is Laburnum Lea under construction in 1963, at which time it was the only private estate in that area. When this street was under construction there were a few houses at the bottom end of Silvertonhill Avenue but from the land which is now occupied by Chatelherault primary school were open fields which stretched all the way up to Strathaven Road and which were occupied by grazing cattle.

Laburnum Lea as it is today.
Laburnum Lea as it is today.
The Construction of 55 & 57 Laburnum Lea in 1963.
The Construction of 55 & 57 Laburnum Lea in 1963.

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