Burnbank Windsor Social Club Drinkers 1937.

Burnbank Windsor Social Club 1930’s.

Garry McGowan sent us this fantastic picture of the Burnbank Windsor Social Club members. Garry told us: “This is a photo taken possibly in the late thirties of the Burnbank Windsor Social Club,centre in the white T-Shirt is Tam McGowan (Joe Gans),Walter McGowan the boxers dad. Three boys in the front seated are my dad Bill McGowan (at right) and his brothers Hughie and Tommy McGowan”.

James Mason went on to tell us that this picture was actually taken at the Caledonia Pub at Montrose in 1937. This pub still stands today and i have attached a recent picture.

Caledonia Bar in Montrose.

Do you have an old Hamilton picture that you would like to share with us? If you do, then please send them in.

2 thoughts on “Burnbank Windsor Social Club Drinkers 1937.”

  1. My Dad new Joe Gans but I can’t remember how. My Dad was Andrew Robertson. worked in Earnock Pit then the Foundry at Peacock Cross then back down the pit, this time Cardowan in Glasgow. He was friends with Jock Stein and he used to cut hair outside his home in Earnock “Raws”. If anyone knew my Dad I would love to hear from them. My Mum was Catherine (Kate) Alexander.

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