Can you identify the school in this picture?

Elizabeth Turney1

In this picture we have Elizabeth Young Campbell Lang who was boron on the 26th of December 1909. She is second row, second from the right.

She was the only daughter of Elizabeth Campbell and John Lang, Blacksmith. They also had sons William, John, James, George, Gilbert and David.

The picture was sent to me by Elizabeth Turney, who is the daughter of little Elizabeth in the picture.

We would like it if the school can be identified, does the staircase and window look familiar? If it does, then please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Can you identify the school in this picture?”

  1. I believe it is St Johns Grammar school on John St, this look like part of the main ‘Old’ building hall, there was a stair at each end of the hall and most secondary class rooms led off this central hall . At the other end of the hall was a similar staircase where the Milk was given out in little half pint glass bottles, oh the memories, every day.
    The toilets were half way up these stairs or was that the teachers loo’s and staff room? with the science, maths, music and history classes off the main hall for the secondary school. two new science labs behind the old building where the smokers gathered at break time.
    The building was ‘L’ shaped with the primary classes on the ground floor and the gym on the second floor off the main hall. To the left of this photo was a walkway past the head masters office and into the new part of the building by the 1960’s. Is it still there or been redeveloped now?

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  2. This is certainly St. Johns Grammar school at the end of Hope street. I was a pupil there from 1955-1961. I recognise the stairs and window in the background. The photograph is taken in a central hall which was used for morning assembly. A new annexe was built and connected by a walkway from the old building. The new building was demolished years ago and flats were built ( Woodburn court ). The old building I think was used as offices for South Lanarkshire Council and was demolished fairly recently for a new building. Another iconic Hamilton building gone.

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