3 thoughts on “GLOSS 1990.”

  1. I met my wife here in 1990…for better or worse as they say! I also used to do some promotional advertising for the restaurant that Ian Campbell used to run when it was first opened (Memory Lane)….on a separate matter my Great Great (and possibly Great) grandfather on my fathers side was the land agent to the Hamilton’s at the ‘original’ Palace and when he retired the then Duke gave the family a little land (property) in Arran (now the Glenisle Hotel in Lamlash but then the Sillars Hotel), a graveyard plot in Bearden graveyard (No1) to which the Duke paid for all the internments and other items including a gilt framed embroidered portrait from the palace which I still have dating to possibly the late 18th century….so I have many links to ‘The Palace’ right enough!

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      1. My family (Young) originated from Ayrshire in early 17th century. Currently in Stonehouse (not the pub in Hamilton!). I worked in Hamilton in the Resource Centre in Auchingramont Road for 10 years before the break up of the Region. Got a few old picture of Hamilton from the family including picture from the Palace (not the dancin!)…I think I sent a few to someone on group not that long ago.

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