Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.

The Eddlewood Gala Day June 1985. On Saturday the 8th of June, the people of Eddlewood enjoyed their Gala Day.

Although the weather was a bit disappointing it did not dampen the spirits of the hundreds of people who gathered at Hollandbush Park. The Gala Queen was Andrea McSkimming and her maids of honour were Andrea Shepherd and Jane McGowan.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.1

The Rutherglen Pipe band were in attendance as were the Chapelhall Majorettes. There was also a gymnastic display and a wide selection of stalls, which all added to a happy Gala atmosphere.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.2

To round off the 1985 Eddlewood Gala Day many people also attended the dance at the Eddlewood hall that same night.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.3

Can you see any familiar faces in the pictures? Please feel free to tag anyone that you know. Did you attend the Eddlewood Gala Day in 1985? Tell us about your day, or even better, send us your pictures.

Eddlewood Gala Day 1985.4

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