St. Anne’s School in Hamilton.

St. Anne's1

The Old St. Anne’s school.

Wilma Bolton sent us one of her pictures from her collection which I am sure will stir up a lot of people’s memories. Wilma told us:

“Once the old buildings are demolished they are lost forever. However, I managed to get into Saint Anne’s school before they knocked it down. I took a lot of photographs all of which I gave to Hamilton Reference Library. This means that anyone wishing to see their old school will be able to access them in the Reference Library”


Did you attend St. Anne’s? share your memories and tell us your stories from your former school

10 thoughts on “St. Anne’s School in Hamilton.”

  1. I was a pupil there from 1953 . When the head teacher Miss Lennon was retiring I was asked to give the speech in the hall . I think I was age 9 or 10 not sure how old I was. My earliest memory from the school when I was 5 a group of boys from the upper school put a rope round my neck and hung me from a tree in the playground. A neighbour who lived nearby saw them doing it and ran from her house with a knife and cut me down !! I must have been lapsing into unconsciousness as I kept saying Mrs. Reilly cut me down with a rubber knife as the knife was wobbling as she cut me down .

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  2. I remember a boy called Mark Wynn who was annoying the life out of me in the line (name calling etc) so I punched him…
    My fondest memories are the smell in the classrooms when the sun was shining through the window heating the wooden floors and reading using the bookmark to underline the line I was reading…

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  3. My favourite teacher was Mr Conner. He usually drifted off into telling stories that taught you more than any book did. I was in his class 1961.

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  4. I was there in 69-76 when Mr Golligly was the headmaster. I started off with Miss Brennan, Mrs Rafferty, Mrs McNamee and Mr Neilan. I loved my old school

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    1. I was there the same time as you Karen Clark same teachers
      Loved every day at that school never forget my Girst day or my last before Dt Martin’s then Holy Cross Remember Headmaster Mr Golliwog as my mum named him a few times after getting g called in to see him and school dinners were delicious 😋 Shane it’s gone.


  5. My name is Mary Irvine and like two other Mary Irvine’s went to St Ann’s I’m the Mary that went to the States my time at St Anne’s was 1948 until 52 my fondest time was the last year with a teacher called Mr Larkins he would send us up to Bairds sweetly shop for a bottle of ginger ale and then we would have a sing song for the rest of the day

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