We were looking for a picture of the George Lloyd Motorcycle supermarket in Peacock Cross (Which is now a Carpet superstore) as i understood they were one of the largest motorbike suppliers in the UK. We couldn’t track a picture down, however we did manage to hear a little bit about the Bike superstore.

The Muir Street Garage.
The Muir Street Garage.

I spoke with Yvonne Hamill who works at the Hamilton Motorcycle services and she did manage to track down a picture, she told us.

“In the picture is George Lloyd who is the one with the white shirt (far right) next to him on the left is Bert Sneddon then next is Hugh Adams only other one that I can recall is on far left who is Billy Strain.

George Lloyd died in 2013 and is buried in the bent cemetery. His business lives on through his wife and kids. This is the works shop the show room was in Cadzow street which became the rococo night club.

They then moved to their purpose build show room at peacock cross which is now a carpet shop. George Lloyd was the biggest motorcycle set up in Europe in the 1970s.

The last apprentice was a guy called David who served his time in the peacock cross hypermarket! He was there till they stopped selling bikes in 1987. Years later we opened Hamilton motorcycles in the 1st lloyds workshop. We opened Hms in April 2003”

The Garage as it is today.
The Garage as it is today.


  1. Hello there, I worked for Lloyd Bros in the East Kilbride shop before it closed and I relocated to the new Peacock Cross shop. I was a motorcycle mechanic. Bert and Billy were very good mechanics. George was a real character and I liked him a lot. Lots of stories and lots of fun……happy to wrrite a bit more if you like. Regards, Ian Mitchell

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  2. I recall in the seventies going to Lloyd’s motorcycle open days and on one occasion took out a silver Laverda Jota followed by a black and gold Ducati 900 SS.Very trusting in those days and the place was a mecca.Great memories!

    Gordon Hill.

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  3. Hi there I come from Motherwell I bought my first bike from Lloyd Brothers in 1973 it was a little Honda Graduate moped 50cc the type you pedalled to start I paid it up the princely sum of £65 .
    The shop was truly a Mecca for bikers and George was a right gentleman he used to drive a Ferrari Dino back then awesome.

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