Neil has lived in Hamilton his whole life & Christine (nee Gardner) is originally from Blantyre. The couple have lived in Hamilton all of their married life.

They met when they both worked in the Water Department in the old Lanark County Council in 1958 and were asked to go out one night in a foursome with some friends, they got engaged 6 months later.

The couple then got married at Blantyre Old Parish Church on the 18th of March 1961.They have 2 sons and 1 daughter who are all married and they have 11 grandchildren.

I had the pleasure of meeting Neil & Christine yesterday when they invited me to their home. The charming couple were telling me about their time in Hamilton and we also spoke about local & family history.

Neil’s mother Agnes R Scott (1901-1987) was a local Hamilton historian and she documented stories & wrote about the town’s history, these stories were published in the Hamilton Advertiser in 1966. Neil has kindly donated his mothers Journals to Historic Hamilton and will be republished on the page in due course, so look out for the monuments of memories of Agnes R Scott.

2 thoughts on “NEIL & CHRISTINE SCOT”

  1. Hi I see this article was written way back in 2015 did you get to write any of Agnes R Scott monuments of memories on here? I’ve scrolling though your historic Hamilton site with great interest but not come across any of Agnes’s pieces yet.

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